A Guru's Tale
Who is Dr. M. Madhavan?

Our Founder's Journey

Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy was started in 11.03.1993 at Karur District by Dr.M.Madhavan.BHMS.
In beginning, this institute was named as "Arutperunjothi Yoga Health" later modified as "Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy".

Dr.M.Madhavan was born on December 13 in Karur District. His parents are Mr.Munusamy and Mrs.Vijayalakshmi.

He did his Primary Schooling in Karur District. He did his Higher Secondary and Medical Studies in Chennai University. He did his TTC and ATTC in Sivananda Yoga Institute. He did his Yogic Treatment Studies in Svyasa Yoga Institute and Natural Science in M.S.O.

He has an Elder Brother Mr. M.Selvam and a Younger Sister Ms. M.Revathi. They both are graduated in Homeopathy Medicine .They Sacrified their Lives to the Yogic Service.

Dr.M.Madhavan has travelled many other countries like Singapore, Hongkong, Srilanka, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Moscow, etc.... He has many followers all over the world.

Our Vision & Mission
Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy

Aim of our center is to preach the people to be loved and bring peace through the Art of Yoga. We explain the importance of yogic philosophy which is to be understood and that should be obtained in the human life. We explain the values of human life with old yogic culture.

We make the people to understand the philosophy of yogic culture. Yoga philosophy is to explain about the Human's body,mind and soul. This institute explains Yogic philosophy as a Human philosophy which makes people to understand the terms of Yoga clearly.

We explain the 96 philosophies of Siddhars and Munivars which help the yoga learners to follow in their lives. The main focus is to help the people to convert their Human stage to Sacred stage which means God's way.